Handcrafted decoration

Picta has been working in the interior decoration field for over 10 years. We offer a wide range of services, all fitted to the customer's needs, besides a solid competence for the management of different sizes construction sites, either in the public or in the private area.

We deal with colours, coatings, lacquers, decorations, fine marble/woods, trompe l'oeuil, recoveries and fittings. 
Our main feature is the originality of our works whose uniqueness is given by the customer, always the centre of our project, with his own personality, his own taste, his own needs, his own style.


Colour is the most efficient way to warm up a room’s atmosphere and give character to an environment.

Thanks to our extensive experience and skills, we know how to fully exploit the huge potential of colour in terms of tone, movement, transparency, and tactile consistency.


A decoration can transform a plain room into a unique environment, dignify forgotten corners, value minor spaces, enhance objects and surfaces, showing them in a new light and creating fresh contexts.

Thanks to our skills we offer a range of creative solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. We will be happy to add that extra inspiration to your ideas, interpreting and carrying out practical solutions according to your tastes and needs.

Plasters and resin coatings

We realise different types of paste finishing such as “Stucco Veneziano”, “Marmorino”, and resin, all applied by spatula.

These are often ideal solutions because of their unique technical and aesthetic features.

Lacquers, faux marble, wood and metal finishings

Wood finishing and imitations of high-quality materials can provide useful solutions to hide technical problems, or to give a ‘touch of class’ to interior environments.


Thanks to our expertise in antique techniques and materials, we can preserve old artefacts from deterioration, fully restoring them while respecting their artistic and historical features.


Picta can re-create floors made from cement or various kinds of resins, or paint onto existing floors made of wood, cement, resin and stone.


We offer a number of installations for public or private locations such as fairs, shops, and exhibitions.

Our service is highly customised and extremely flexible in terms of creativity, technique, execution, and timing.


The passion for painting and the strong belief in its promotion are at the heart of the Picta Wallpaper project. Our know-how is based on the traditional Italian pictorial techniques, which we believe can be strengthened and enriched by the use of technology.

Picta Wallpaper is the innovative result of this new, creative perspective.

Rendering and sketches

Pictalab supports its clients well before the realisation of the project itself: stepping in our atelier means having the opportunity to receive experienced advice when choosing a decorative product in terms of technical and economical requirements, and personal taste. Our staff is passionate about the planning phase, being able to offer and combine all different skills, from first sketches to renderings and samples of all our decorative products; our unique, dedicated, open and collaborative approach to every project is our trademark.


Chiara and Orsola