About Pictalab

Finest handpainted solutions for your walls
Pictalab has been working in the interior decoration field for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on always discussing every project with our clients, to craft their ideas into beautiful, creative solutions. Bespoke, of course. We have an extensive experience, which gives us loads of technical knowledge and organisational skills, just the perfect mix to develop and manage any kind of creative project. When decorating a wall, we are not simply painting a mere subject, but we are building up a setting for each architectural unit and piece of furniture from the ambient we are working in. From wall decoration to bespoke, hand-made wallpaper, we also offer special customisation of furniture and interior design items.


We always place our client at the very core of every project in terms of personality, taste, and style. Discussing a project together means to tune into the client’s own esthetical and creative world – a mutual understanding on which our work is based. Starting from sketches, graphic renderings, and samples, we lead the client step by step towards the end result.


We cover pretty much every decorative technique: from coatings and lacquers, to fine marble/woods, trompe l'œil and frescoes. Our hand-made wallpaper collection comes ready to be purchased or available for customisation. Step into our studio, where you’ll find us constantly experimenting with materials and colours, strengthening our expertise and nurturing our artistic passion!


We’ll never stress enough how much dedicated and flexible our team is. With a number of different expertise and loads of practical experience, we can accommodate for a wide range of different projects. Different time schedules, locations, and techniques involved won’t stop us to find the perfect solution for you. Satisfaction guaranteed!