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1. Brief

The customer sends us his/her decorative requirements, ideas, indications, suggestions, preferences. We start from the dimension of the space as well as its current state of the art and from there we work with the client to identify the desired result he/she want to achieve. through our decoration.

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2. Creative proposal

After receiving the brief we work on tailor-made proposals and on cost indications.

Our suggestions come from our long artistic practice that includes study and realization and in particular our colour solutions constitute one of our most consolidated expertise.

3. Project development

Through croquis, sketches, renders or mood-boards, we visually fine tune the project, involving the client in choosing the best technical mediums, colours and decorative artworks to achieve the best results.

Our hand-painted decorations come in a great variety of customisable collections and techniques.

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4. Realization

Artworks can be painted directly on-site, on paper or on any chosen surface. Wallpaper is usually painted in our atelier on wallpaper sheets, carefully packaged, delivered and applied on-site. All our decorations are applicable on a myriad of different materials, ranging from certified paper and fibreglass to silk, canvas or even glass and wood panels.

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