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As artists and skilled high-end artisans, we can work on even the most challenging spaces to achieve outstanding decorative results.

Each project is tailored not only to the client’s needs, but is also based on the quality and nature of the location we have to transform.

Every project is different and always fully customized; mastering a vast range of techniques (fine marble or wood imitations, trompe-l’oeils, frescoes, restorations, fittings, coatings and finishings), we can offer unique solutions, versatile enough to accommodate even the most demanding conditions.

On-site decorations

We design and execute hand-painted, custom-made decorations on paper.

Paper is a very versatile medium, which can be easily shipped and, once applied on walls, has the same finishing of an actual painted fresco.

Our paper materials range from fibreglass to traditional paper, including silk and linen canvas, all of which are waterproof and easy washable.

We provide a wide range of patterns in our signature artistic wallpaper collections; we can also offer unique bespoke artworks suitable to our customers’ requirements. Our decorations are always completely customizable.

Decorations on paper

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Our team of skilled decorators are able to give any decorative object or any piece of furniture a new life, through the use of diverse techniques: lacquer, gilding and moulding, just to name a few, that can be applied to different mediums, such as wood, metal, fabric and glass. We work on endless creative possibilities to renew a space or to refresh the style of an outdated item.

Decorative Accents

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