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The new Portaluppi Herbarium collection consists of 13 different plants and is available in 8 colors:

4 classic variants and 4 pop variants.

Classic variants

Pop variants


You can choose between 13 different plants, the same ones present in the garden room of Piero Portaluppi at the entrance of the Atellani house.

Each project can be studied ad hoc and you can choose in addition to the color variant also the plants to be inserted.

An extra element of customization will be that of being able to have or not have both the curtain and the grid.

Contact us and we will make your tailor-made project for you.

Technical specifications

Fine art digital print.

Available in 8 chromatic shades.


100% tnt wallpaper, 120gr, water resistant, fire retardant

Roll dimensions

W: 100cm x H: ad hoc


The development of the design is always adapted according to the needs of the space to be decorated.

Contact us for more information.

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